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Computer analysis of essays jill burstein, karen kukich, susanne wolff chi lu † and martin chodorow‡ † educational testing service, princeton nj ‡ hunter college, new york city abstract research into the use of advanced computational linguistics techniques recently culminated in the implementation of a prototype. 2this particular programme – the one that uses computers in the teaching of literature – has been in operation for several years now five years ago when i embarked upon what was then an experiment, i simply purchased a site license for a commercial word processor and asked the students to type their essays on the. Should schools replace textbooks with laptops oxford learning weighs in on the textbooks vs computers debate, and the impact of each on students' learning. Internet: you can connect your computer to internet and browse through huge data people use internet for various purposes students can use internet to download study materials a research analyst can do market research over internet a marketing person can gather relevant data across various. Essay 1 – high score – band 8-9 in today's modern world, computers are an essential part of everyday life around the globe, children often use computers from a very young age although it is important for children to participate in various well-balanced activities, in my opinion, children who use the computer daily are.

Computer technology and use is of critical importance its ability for communication and storing data would represent another advantage if connected to the internet, its ability to obtain resources would be another attribute along with data collection, the computer features different methods and manners to present this data,. They wrote their essays, made presentations and created useful lists children who can use the computer when they are young have more confidence than other children from a professional perspective, the computer is found in every kind of office today, employers will still hire people who cannot use computers and give. In education, technology is used in researching information and many online learning courses (e-learning), technology is a necessity for people or children with disabilities eg might not be able to talk but learn how to use a computer and can communicate like everyone else in relation to banking,. Free essay: kids with special needs can use alternative input and output devices (assistive technologies) to interact with computers and do things that they.

Playing computer games · writing solving mathematics · looking for things on the internet watching tv and movies listening to music · communicating with other people downloading sending e-mail using internet recording calculating editing (video, photo). Computers are used in so many fields in our daily life from engineers to doctors , students, teachers, government organization they all use computers to perform specific tasks, for entertainment or just to finish office work computers have made our life easier with greater precision and accuracy and less.

  • No longer are they owned only through theft and by the filthy rich, in fact computers are and will in the coming days and months be used to accomplish the brilliant goals of success and unparalleled development for example, in india, the accurate knowledge and use of computers will bring change in a big and astonishing.
  • Almost every business uses computers to complete daily tasks from making contact with clients to inputting data for reports, computers allow businesses a more efficient way to manage affairs when.
  • Almost everyone knows how to use a computer users have computers for surfing the internet, creating business presentations, writing essays and many more children also use computers for many different purposes using computers at an early age will help kids know how to use technology and be.
  • You already know that the computer lets you easily type in text, shift it around, and edit it though some writers benefit from the tactile experience of writing notes and drafts by hand, you may be surprised how much power you gain by doing nearly all your this may make you want to restructure your essay completely.

Many people wouldn't consider a mathematical calculator to be a computer, but it is it is one of the most useful devices a student in college could possess due to its speed and accuracy people (students mostly) use calculators for complex mathematical calculations without calculators students would spend hours trying to. Another use of computers combined with satellite technology is in the area of reconnaissance computers allow the satellites to obtain spectacular images of enemy territory for transmission to the ground where the images will be processed by another computer and analyzed by intelligence personnel thanks to.

Useful of computer essay
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useful of computer essay Writing sample of essay on a given topic uses of computer in our society. useful of computer essay Writing sample of essay on a given topic uses of computer in our society. useful of computer essay Writing sample of essay on a given topic uses of computer in our society. useful of computer essay Writing sample of essay on a given topic uses of computer in our society. useful of computer essay Writing sample of essay on a given topic uses of computer in our society.